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Various pictures taken during the final review.

Sestri Levante. Final review. Affordances demo.

Sestri Levante. Final review. Affordances demonstration.

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Harem 2005

September 9th, 2005
Oxford, UK,
http://www.isr.ist.utl.pt/ ~jasv/ harem2005

HAREM 2005

Recent advances in computer vision and learning methodologies, together with the massive increase of computational power of standard computers enabled the deployment of a new generation of computer vision systems that go beyond more traditional approaches designed mainly for modelling the scene geometry from video data. Instead, the challenge is to develop systems able to detect and signal interesting events and understand, interpret and describe the observed video sequence.

One potential application of such methodologies lies in the context of video surveillance. Due to the massive number of cameras deployed in public spaces, it is no longer possible (or efficient) to have human operators continuously monitoring a multitude of video channels. Instead we need to provide computer vision systems able to process these video streams, use and learn contextual information, characterize the behaviour in a given situation and trigger an alert, only when an interesting "event" is detected. Needless to say, these systems must be designed to function and learn in a open-ended way and must have built-in self-regulatory, and reconfigurable capabilities.

The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers in cognitive computer vision and particular in the domains of surveillance and human activity recognition, with an emphasis on the following topics:
- Low-level feature extraction and selection
- Modelling of attention and control
- Human activity recognition
- Cognitive and self-adaptive architectures
- Video interpretation



Jose Santos-Victor Instituto Superior TÚcnico, Portugal (Chair)
Bob Fisher Univ. of Edinburgh, UK
James Crowley INRIA Rhone Alpes, France

- In conjunction with BMVC 2005 (http://cms.brookes.ac.uk/computing/bmvc2005/)

- Sponsored by EU Project IST-2001-37540 CAVIAR:
- Local organisation by:
Instituto Superior TÚcnico/ Institute for Systems and Robotics





Deadline Submission: June 1st, 2005
Notification of acceptance: July 1st, 2005
Camera-ready copy due: July 20th 2005
WorkshopSeptember 9, 2005

Please submit your paper as a PDF email attachment to: jasv-at-isr.ist.utl.pt

Papers should not be longer than 10 pages (use BMVC format). The paper should be kept anonymous during the review process. Any indications of name and affiliation should be removed from the paper.

In the email body, please include the following information:

* Title
* Authors (first and last names)
* Affiliation of authors (institute, address)
* Corresponding author (including his/her address, email, phone, fax)

Papers that have also been submitted to the main BMVC conference will be considered for review. Double submission must be indicated by authors and papers withdrawn if accepted for BMVC.


Prof. JosÚ Santos-Victor
Institute for Systems and Robotics
Instituto Superior TÚcnico
Av. Rovisco Pais,
1049-001 Lisboa
Phone: +351 (218 418 294) (direct line)
Fax: +351 218 418 291
E-MAIL: jasv-at-isr.ist.utl.pt