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Various pictures taken during the final review.

Sestri Levante. Final review. Affordances demo.

Sestri Levante. Final review. Affordances demonstration.

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YARP, an open-source library for robotics

This is just to give the consortium a pointer to a set of libraries that LIRA-Lab and MIT-CSAIL have been using for the last couple of years. They are licensed as open-source. Go to sourceforge for more information.

YARP is a set of libraries developed to control robots by writing convenient C++ code. They're designed to run on different platforms (Linux, Win32, and QNX6) and to possibly interface to different robotic platforms (although you need to customize to your specific hardware).

The library contains code for IPC between processes running on a cluster of computers, support for image processing (including an interface to IPL/open-cv), an interface to Matlab (Win32), and generic code to standardize the interface to the hardware.

Code is available from sourceforge, documentation is being developed using Doxygen, and support is provided either by Giorgio Metta ( pasa@liralab.it) or Paul Fitzpatrick ( paulfitz@csail.mit.edu).

Drop us an email if you're curious.