Last update is 01.Aug.2005

OpenDay: Movies and Presentations
Title Author Video Presentation
Summary overview of the activities of each partners Giulio Sandini [Download MPEG4]
Size: 116.4 MBytes
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Size: 2.5 MBytes
A cognitive road map Claes von Hofsten [Download MPEG4]
Size: 221.7 MBytes
[Download PDF]
Size: 150 KBytes
Motor representation and motor cognition Luciano Fadiga [Download MPEG4]
Size: 194.4 MBytes
Summary of the current design Giorgio Metta and Francesco Becchi [Download MPEG4]
Size: 612.9 MBytes
[Download PDF]
Size: 5.3 MBytes
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Size: 4.8 MBytes
Co-development of morphology and cognitive skills Rolf Pfeifer [Download MPEG4]
Size: 409 MBytes
[Download PDF]
Size: 6.2 MBytes
Integrating Cognition, Emotion and Autonomy Tom Ziemke [Download MPEG4]
Size: 304.3 MBytes
[Download PDF]
Size: 489 KBytes
A Hierarchical Graphical Model for Context Object Recognition In So Kweon [Download MPEG4]
Size: 313.1 MBytes
[Download PDF]
Size: 4.4 MBytes
The humanoid robot PALADYN: construction and problems of perception Piotr Kazmierczak and Krzysztof Luks [Download MPEG4]
Size: 137.7 MBytes
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Size: 3.7 MBytes
General discussion [Download MPEG4]
Size: 145 MBytes

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